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2 Weeks Economy Non Shifting Hajj Package 2020

Inclusions :

Hajj Visa
Return ticket
A/C accommodation (Standard accommodation’s in Mecca & Medina) Quad Room
Makkah Hotel (Wissam Al Taj hotel Or Similar) Approx. 470 m walking distance from Haram
Hotel in Medina (Approx. 250 m walking distance from Haram)
Ziyarats in Makkah and Medina
Full Board Food in MINA & ARAFAAT by Ministry of Hajj
(Full Board Food in Makkah & Medina Hotels)
All-round internal transfers air-condition coaches provision of Ministry of Hajj.
(Dedicated European Tents (with plasterboard walls) in Mina - with sofa bed, pillow, and
blanket, hot & cold beverages 24/7.)
Air condition VIP Tents in Arafat.
Renowned Multi-language Scholars
Dedicated Customer Service Multi-Lingual Staff.
Pre Hajj briefing / seminar
Complementary gift bag including: ihram / shoe-pouch / Jamarat pouch
5 liters Zam-Zam water

(Hajj is not easy at all. (Hajj means to struggle be prepare yourself)

Travelling Dates
Dep: LHR–JED, MED-LHR 20/21 st July & Return 10/11th August
these are proposed dates, not the fixed dates.

Day To Day Itinerary

20 / 21 st July – 29/30th DHUL QADA (Flight Departure): Meet and greet at the airport and depart for Jeddah. A team leader will be with you. Once you land in Jeddah airport it can take over 6 hours to get out of the terminal. This is beyond our control.

21 st -28th July - 29/07th DHUL HIJAH (Stay in Makkah Hotel): Performance of Umrah Lectures and guidance on Hajj and what to expect- Opportunity to perform obligatory Salah and Ibada within a walking distance from Haram. Opportunity to physically and mentally prepare for your journey of life –Full Board- A day trip to the Holy sites of Makkah Ziyarats.

29th July – 08th DHUL HIJAH (Hajj Day 1): Depart for Mina first Day of Hajj. Day of THARVIYA – Offer Zuhur, Asr, Maghrib, & Isha –
Ibadaah overnight stays till fajr prayer - Full board.

30th July – 09th Dhul Hijjah (Day of Arafat): The second day of Hajj (ARAFAT). Offer Zuhur & Asr prayers in Arafat – Group Dua – Lunch – Depart to Muzdalifah after sunset for an overnight stay – Collect 40 small stones.

31st July – 10th Dhul Hijjah (Evening Mudzhalifah): Depart to Mina from Muzadalifah stoning of Jamratul Aqaba – Sacrifice of Animals – Hair Cut and perform Tawaf al Zaiyarah with Sa’ee – Full Board.

01st Aug – 11th Dhul Hijjah: Stay in Mina – Stoning all three Jamarats – Full Board.

02nd Aug – 12th Dhul Hijjah: Stay in Mina – Stoning all three Jamarats – Depart from Mina to Makkah Hotel.

03rd Aug – 13th Dhul Hijjah: Rest after completion of a memorable journey. Perform Tawaf al Wida on last day and prepared to depart to Mina.

04/05th Aug – 14/15th Dhul Hijjah: Check in to Medina Hotel – Full Board – Opportunity to perform obligatory Salah and Ibada within a walking distance from Masjid-ul-Nabawi. A day trip to the Holy Sites of Medina

09/10th Aug – 19/20th Dhul Hijjah (Return To UK): Depart from Madinah airport to London Heathrow.

Accomodation Features

Al Rayah Grand Hotel

AlRaya Grand Hotel is a good option to stay in Mecca. A walk of 10 minutes will take guests to the boundary of the Grand Mosque. Wifi is available in the entire hotel for free.

Mawaddah Al Safwa

Mawaddah Al Safwa Hotel is situated a 3-minute walk from the Holy Masjid Al Nabawi.
This hotel features rooms with a satellite TV, Air conditioning, a minibar are standard in each of Mawaddah Al Safwa’s guest rooms and In Mawaddah Al Safwa Hotel Airport shuttles are available to Medina Airport. In this hotel rooms offer a private bathroom with amenities.

Medina’s many Shopping Mall's and restaurants are only a 5-minute walk from the property.

This is our guests favourite part of Al Madinah, according to good reviews.